Coming Soon - Long Exposure Photography Course

We’re really excited to announce our new course ‘Long Exposure Photography’ ETA end of March 2019. It’s going to be a fantastic online course that will get you taking stunning long exposure shots in no time. Play the video below to see a preview of the course.

In the course, you’ll learn:

- What Long Exposure Photography is and what effects it can create.
- Equipment you need for Long Exposure Photography.
- Camera settings and techniques.
- What ND Filters are, what types you can get and how to use them.
- Using Graduated Filters and how to mix Grad Filters with ND Filters.
- How to calculate exposure times using ND Filters.
- How to bracket shots correctly.
- How to make clouds streak in the sky.
- How to make people disappear and lights bleed into star shapes.
- How to make water look like glass.
- How to make car lights streak through your frame.
- Exposure blending with Luminosity Masking.
- How to remove objects from your scene.
- How to add detail into burnt-out areas of your scene.
- How to edit professionally in Lightroom.
- Specific editing techniques for colour and black and white pictures.
- How to blend exposures using HDR.
- How to balance the exposure of a high contrast scene.
- How to use advanced editing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom to create high-end professional looking shots.

Pictures taken and discussed on the course:


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