First Steps to Better Photography

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Course Description

This course is going to give you your first steps to better photography. It’s a short course designed to get you off those auto modes and give you a bit more control over your camera and picture taking.

It’s for beginners who want to feel more comfortable with their camera and have a bit of fun with photography and makes a great start for people who are not sure to commit to our full course just yet.

I have used over 15 years teaching experience to put together a course that will make you feel much more comfortable with your camera and give you those first steps to creating better photography.

What you will learn

> The essentials of photography
> Camera Kits and Equipment
> Manual Settings

> Focusing
> Composition
> Metering

> Lenses
> Focal Length
> Crop vs Full Frame sensors

Course Content

Introduction to Photography

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Photography

Here we question what photography actually is and examine at the science of this craft whilst referring to photography from the past and the camera obscura.

DSLR and mirrorless 3.jpg

Lesson 2 – Camera Kits and Recommended Equipment

A look at different types of camera kits, which ones are best to use for learning and what are the essential pieces of equipment you need.

Camera settings low res 2.jpg

Lesson 3 – Introduction to camera settings

Here I teach you the different auto and manual modes found on your camera and why you will never use auto again! A task will be set allowing you to take your first steps to going fully manual.


Lesson 4 – Focusing – Getting your pictures pin sharp!

This will be a lesson showing you how to get every picture in focus with ease. You will learn techniques and camera settings to assist you in controlling focusing and a task will be set to get that focus point exactly where you want it, every time!

Leading Lines Composition

Lesson 5 – Composition

In my opinion, composition is the most important thing to get right. Getting it wrong will make the most beautiful scene look awful. This lesson is an in-depth exploration into how different compositional techniques can really enhance the look of a shot. You will also be set a task to get you out there and put these composition rules into practice!

Compare 16 and 105.jpg

Lesson 6 – Lenses, Focal Lengths, Crop and Full Frame sensors

A look at prime and zoom lenses and the effects of different focal lengths. You will also learn what focal lengths are commonly used for landscape and portrait shots and how the visual effect of focal lengths change between crop and full frame cameras.

Metering examples.jpg

Lesson 7 – Metering

This lesson will teach you how to use the metering settings on your camera and more importantly how to control metering for different situations. You will also be set tasks to control your metering enabling you to get perfect exposures!


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What equipment do I need?
Any of the following cameras: DSLR, Mirrorless, CSC or a good quality bridge camera and a tripod.

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