Autumn Photography - In Bad Weather!

Autumn or fall photography has its challenges at the best of times but especially when the weather is not on your side. But that’s no excuse! Here we’re giving you the best autumn photography ideas, tips and techniques to make sure you have a great photoshoot this fall.

If you’re looking for ideas for photographing Autumn, this tutorial will certainly help you out.

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View Autumn photography from the video below

Idea 1 – Photographing Fungi

Photographing fungi in Autumn

Autumn is a great time for photographing fungi. To find the fungi get close to the ground and look for rotting logs. Using a higher focal length and a wide aperture will compress the scene and help draw the eye to the fungi. Learn more about focal lengths and apertures by clicking here.

Idea 2 – Spiders Webs

Autumn photograph of Spiders Webb

When the Autumn weather is bad, why not look for a bit of wildlife. Wet spider webs are a great find. Look for them and make interesting compositions to show of this beautiful part of nature. Learn about composition by clicking here.

Idea 3 – Shoot through the trees

Photograph of Autumn leaves through the tress

Clearly one of the best things about Autumn is the changing colour of leaves. Simply zoom in and set a wide aperture to get a Shallow Depth of Field. Looking up through the tress will back light the leaves and create that bokeh look in the background. To learn more about Bokeh click here.

Idea 4 – Grab the Autumn landscape, whatever the weather!

Autumn photography of the landscape

At the end of the day, you can’t control the weather so if it’s grey and raining, so be it, get the shot anyway, fall is beautiful no matter what 😊.

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