The British Seaside Town – A Documentary Photography Project

In this video, I’m showing you a completed project documenting the British seaside town. It’s based around the photographic documentation of Southend on Sea in Essex, England. The video shows the opening of the exhibition and I’ll be taking you through the show and showing you every photo that makes up this project.

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Details of the exhibition:

“This is an ongoing project documenting the life and people of Southend on Sea.  I was initially drawn to Southend as the people there are very reminiscent of what the east end of London used to be like when I was growing up and there’s a nostalgia of days out by the sea that can be felt by us all. I like it because it seems to incorporate a wide variety of what would be called England. You have the kitsch of the English seaside alongside the eclectic people that roam it.

However, I realised very quickly that there is a cultural shift taking place. The feeling of fun days by the sea are still there but the people who occupy them are from different cultural backgrounds and very different from when I was younger. This juxtaposed with the ever-so-popular media representation of Essex, makes it a great time to create a social document of this area. 

During this project I’m trying to find the current people and events that represent Southend and bring them to light in photography. It is my aim to show the soft underbelly of this place with honesty and an intrinsic nature that leaves aside the Essex genre in favour of intimate portraits of the real people here and the scenes that make up this vibrant part of England.”

Beecroft Gallery details:

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Ölmo Lazarus – Poet and spoken word artist:

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