How to do Steel Wool Photography

This is going to be a great steel wool photography tutorial also called wire wool photography. We’ll look at best practices and what camera settings to use and how to get creative with this technique.

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This is a really fun task to do and is created with long exposures. As the wire wool is spun, oxygen mixes with the sparks and glows, creating these lovely light trails which look great with long exposure photography.

The wire wool photography settings we used were:
M – Manual mode
ISO – 100
Aperture – f16
Shutter Speed – 25 seconds
Set White Balance to Daylight
Manual Focus - Light model with torch first, focus, then switch lens to manual focus.

The equipment we used were a Canon 5d mk iv with a 24-105 lens and a 16-35 lens and of course a tripod.

Also, please be safe whilst doing this. Wear non-flammable clothing, safety googles and gloves. Have a fire extinguisher to hand and make sure you are in a clear open space where nothing can catch light. Wait around for 10 minutes after the shoot to make sure nothing is left smouldering and if you are under 18 please do this under adult supervision.

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