My Travel Tripod – Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought

Buying a travel tripod is a hot topic with my online and face to face learners so hopefully this video will help anyone looking for a new tripod for travelling or just confused on what type to buy. I’ll be showing you my new travel tripod and giving you tips and advice on what to look for when choosing one.

I bring you this travel tripod review as I honestly believe this is one of the best things I’ve bought in a long time. It packs flat, is fairly lightweight, and can hold big heavy cameras with ease.

The featured tripod in the video is called ‘Benro Travel Flat FTF29AIN1 Tripod Kit’ and there’s some good and bad news people! Bad news is Benro currently no longer make a flat tripod which is a big mistake in my opinion. The good news is they have released an upgraded version of this tripod which is available in the UK, US and rest of the world. Below are links to the product on Amazon.

UK -

US -

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