What is Photography

In this video, I’m going to answer the big one – What is Photography??
This is a very open ended question and It’s one I ask a lot in my classes. For every hundred people I ask, I get a hundred different answers but the common ones I get are; It’s an art form, It captures memories, it records history, it’s a way of capturing a scene and so on.
Of course, it’s all of these things but essentially photography is to capture light. Photography is a science, it was invented by scientist, not artists. You need to learn the science or craft of photography, then you get creative with that knowledge. I can tell you now, you might get that lucky shot, but you won’t be able to be consistently good or consistently creative without that full control over the science of photography.

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There’s my answer to the big question of What photography is! I’m sure that many of you have different views on that, if you have put them in the comments below and discuss it with fellow learning photographers. There actually is no wrong or wright answer to that question that’s why I find it a great one to discuss in my lessons.

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