The past didn't exist! - Old Portraits of Gay Couples

Photography has many uses, but arguably the most important is to record history. To celebrate Gay Pride Month, we’ve found these great vintage portraits of gay couples that were once hidden from the world.

In the England and Wales, it was illegal to be homosexual until the Sexual Offences Act 1967 was passed. However, even then it did not cover the Merchant Navy or the Armed Forces. Homosexual acts were not decriminalised in Scotland and Northern Ireland until 1981. In the US it wasn’t until 2003 when all states made homosexual acts legal.

This is the power of photography, it shows that loves conquers all, even if it has to be hidden. We wouldn’t have this wonderful piece of history without these photographs and I hope you enjoy them.

Vintage gay portraits
Gay portraits from the past
Gay Pride photos from past
Gay Pride gallery
Vintage portraits of gay couples
Gay pride photos from the past
Old photos of gay couples
Gay pride photos from past
Gay pride portraits
Vintage photos of gay couples
Old photos of gay couples
Gay Pride 15 - Sebastian Lifshitz.jpg
Vintage portraits of gay couples
Gay photos of couples from the past

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