Don’t just take pictures – Understand Photography!

Complete Guide to photography online course

Complete Guide to Photography

Our most popular online course taking people with little or no knowledge, to extremely competent photographers. Learn how to control exposure, depth of field, movement, ISO and much more. Your journey to better photography starts here!

Learn Lightroom Online

Complete Guide to Lightroom

An online Lightroom course for beginners and people wanting to fill gaps in their learning. Create stunning photography with full control over post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.
No need to fumble around on YouTube. Get structured, Lightroom training and become an expert in no time! 

First Steps to Better Photography

First Steps to Better Photography

A short course designed to get you off those auto modes and give you a bit more control over your camera and picture taking.

Lightroom Preset Pack

Lightroom Preset Pack

Professional Lightroom presets to transform your photography from good to great.

Get Specific!

You might only need parts of photography training, or just need accurate and thorough knowledge due to 1000’s of confusing YouTube videos out there! Here we have single lessons focusing on certain areas of photography.

Correct camera focus settings

Focusing – Getting your pictures pin sharp!

A lesson showing you how to get every picture in focus with ease.

what is composition in photography

Composition Masterclass

An in-depth lesson into how different compositional techniques can really improve the look of your photography!

Shutter Speed Lesson

Shutter Speeds Masterclass

An in-depth lesson on how to control movement in your shots via the shutter speed.