Depth of Field in Photography - Explained in 2 Minutes!!

This photography tutorial will explain depth of field or DOF in 2 minutes! What is depth of field? How do you control Depth of field? And how can I create images that show a long or shallow depth of field? All these questions will be answered here as well as explaining the definition of DOF.

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Video summary
Depth of field in photography is the distance around the focus that is sharp, not what’s in focus or the depth of focus.
There are 3 things that control DOF:
1 – The Aperture. The wider the aperture, the more shallow DOF you will get. The smaller the aperture the longer the DOF you will get.
2 – The Focal Length of the lens. The more zoomed out you are (wide angle) the longer the depth of field the more zoomed in you are the shallower the DOF.
3 – The distance of your focus point to your lens. The closer the focus point the shallower the DOF. The further away the longer the depth of field.

All of this with example images and diagrams are explained in just 2 minutes!

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