Free Lightroom Presets

Here are 15 free presets for lightroom that will transform your photos from good to great. Get the classic vintage look, create beautiful black and white images, or create something truly unique with our range of cinematic lightroom presets.

This pack contains 15 free presets including:

2x Black & White – 5x Cinematic – 2x Colour Pop – 2 x Soft - 2x Vintage – 2x Vignette, plus full instructions on how to install them into Lightroom.

See the effects they create below then simply complete the form at the bottom of this page to get them sent straight to your inbox!

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2x Black and White

Transform photos into stunning black and white images using our B&W presets.


Created with our ‘Black and White, Clouds’ Preset.

5 x Cinematic Looks

Cinematic colour grading is a great way to transform your photos. Try our cinematic looks to make your photos look like they’re on the big screen!


Created with our ‘Yellow/Green and Blue’ Cinematic Preset.

2x Vintage Looks

Send your photos back in time with our classic vintage looks.


Created with our ‘Vintage 1’ Preset.

2x Colour Pop

Bring your photos to life with our colour pop preset.


Created with our ‘Colour Pop’ Preset.

2x Soft Look

Use this preset to give a soft, dreamy feel to your photos.


Created with our ‘Soft Purple’ Preset.

2x Vignette

Easily focus the viewers eye by using vignette to overlay your developed photos.


Created with our ‘Vignette heavy’ Preset.

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Free Lightroom Presets

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How do I download and install the Presets?
Complete the form below. On completion of the form you will be sent an email with a .zip file attached. That folder will contain the free presets and instructions on how to import them into Lightroom. This folder will need to be unzipped before you can use the presets.

I’m not receiving the email?
On the rare occasion this can happen so please follow these steps. 1, Add the email, office at theschoolofphotography dot com, to your safe senders list (replace at with @ and dot with .). 2, Check your spam/junk/promotions folder. 3, Make sure you are using your primary email address as it won’t go to full or unused mailboxes.

Presets not working?
You need to make sure you unzip the folder before you can use the presets.

I Can’t find the Presets?
As stated above, the presets will be ‘attached’ to the email sent to you. Please check the email for attachments.

How do I unzip a zipped folder?
On most computers, you simply right click on the folder and chose Unzip. If this doesn’t work, please google ‘how to unzip folders’.