Forest photography in the rain, fungi & a £7.50 Russian camera! – Day 3

Here’s part three of the three-part series where we take a trip down to the New Forest in England with the sole intention to take pictures, do some filming and just enjoy ourselves whilst doing so. The idea of the trip is to inspire people who don’t have enough time for their photography. No matter how busy your life is, you should always make time and these videos show you the benefits of doing so.

In this grand finale, the weather has turned, but we are British and a bit of rain won’t stop us! We go out and get some great shots of Autumn by finding those little details that make this time of year so special. We also capture a big open autumn scene, despite it being a wet one, and Aaron shows off his £7.50 Zenit camera. Hang around for the Outtakes at the end, there’s more bleeps than a bleeping bleep 😊!

Hope you like it, and don’t forget to check out day 1 and day 2!

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