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Complete Guide to Photography

Our most popular online course taking people with little or no knowledge, to extremely competent photographers. Learn how to control exposure, depth of field, movement, ISO and much more. Your journey to better photography starts here!


Guide to Studio Lighting

An online studio lighting course teaching you how to start a photographic studio and how to use lighting equipment for portraiture. Set up your own professional studio with limited space, equipment and budget.

Learn Lightroom Online

Complete Guide to Lightroom

An online Lightroom course for beginners and people wanting to fill gaps in their learning. Create stunning photography with full control over post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.
Get structured, Lightroom training and become an expert in no time!

Our eBook

Complete Guide to Photography eBook

A comprehensive guide to photography. A great resource for any learning photographer.

Our Book

Complete Guide to Photography Book

For those who prefer physical products, here is a book for learners of photography. A great resource for any learning photographer.