Fast and Slow

This week’s photography assignment was ‘Fast and Slow’. I set this to test the students’ control over shutter speeds. In our photography courses, we look at creating a sense of movement and freezing the action with creative uses of the shutter! This task puts that knowledge to the test, and the students really shined on this one.

From the gallery of entries, the people’s vote goes to Linda East for this brilliant response to the theme. Great use of shutter speed shown here to cause the car lights to streak. Well done, you deserved it.

© Linda East

© Linda East


My vote this week is a joint vote as I couldn’t decide! The first vote goes to Mick Hayes. A great use of a slower shutter speed to emphasise the speed of the train - nice job, Mick.


© Mick Hayes


My other vote goes to Karren Hurrell for this train station shot. Another great use of a slow shutter speed to blur objects that are movin - well done, Karren.


© Karren Hurrell


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