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Course Description

If you want to use Photoshop with complete confidence and have the ability to create stunning imagery time after time, you’re in the right place. We understand how hard it is to learn Photoshop and how confusing it can be for the beginner user. This is why we’ve produced a professional online Photoshop course which will easily guide you through the use of this program.

It’s a structured, professional beginners guide to Photoshop that will clear up any confusion you may have. With accurate and thorough knowledge that is based on over 17 years of teaching experience you’ll be up and running in no time. It will teach you advanced editing techniques in an easy-to-understand way and give you the ability to create great photography that will stack up against the best out there.

The course will take you through everything you need to know about this complex program to enhance photography with ease. Once you’ve learnt the skills necessary to create stunning imagery, we’ll push your knowledge further with high-end editing techniques like removing objects, blending multiple exposures, and creating composites – the possibilities are endless!

Learn photoshop at your pace

Learning at Your Own Pace

With our Photoshop online course, you can learn at your own pace and how you learn best. The lessons are self-guided with no set time scales for completion. The course comes with downloadable PDFs to help reinforce the knowledge learnt in lessons, and to make your life easier, you’ll also get over 100 image files so you can follow along every step of the way.

Example of our beginners guide to photoshop

An Easy Guide for Beginners

This online course is aimed at complete beginners but will also suit intermediate Photoshop users who have some experience post-processing but haven’t been able to grasp how to use this complex program to get the most out of their images.

Learn Photoshop online with a one-time investment that will unlock your post-processing potential and improve your photography tenfold.

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to Photoshop, what it can do, what it’s for

  • The Photoshop Workspace

  • Using Tools and Tool options

  • Saving in different file formats

  • Selections and cutting

  • Layers, Layer Masks and Layer Styles

  • Adobe Camera Raw

  • Adjustment Layers for landscape and portrait photography

  • Using Gradient Maps

  • Colour toning images

  • HDR Photography

  • Creating Actions

  • Adding watermarks to your photography

  • Selective colour and colour popping

  • Removing any objects from a scene

  • Re-touching of skin

  • Advanced selections and masking

  • Using colour channels

  • Creating a composite

  • Creating Double Exposures

  • Blending multiple exposures

  • Using Photoshop and Lightroom together

Person learning Photoshop

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who want an easy to follow guide to Photoshop.

  • Intermediate Photoshop users who want to fill any gaps of knowledge that are stopping them reaching their full potential.

  • Photographers wanting to learn Photoshop to enhance their photography.

  • Professional photographers wanting their work to compete with the best out there.


“I have paid for several photography courses and Marc Newton's approach is definitely my favourite. Why? He uses a practical approach and helps people understand both the why and the how of editing…. the ability to get Raw photo files with the course and use that for practice is just brilliant! Money well spent!” – Brian Mitchell – USA

Course Content

Intro to your Photoshop online course

Introduction to your Photoshop Online Course

An introduction to how the course works, what Photoshop can achieve and the differences between Photoshop and Lightroom.

Examples of the Photoshop Workspace

Lesson 2 – The Photoshop Workspace

An ordered workspace to create in is essential for speed and ease of use. Here we look at why it’s important to get this right, how different workspaces suit different users, and we set up our own workspace to stop you from losing settings and tools in the future.

Learning to use tools in Photoshop

Lesson 3 – Using Tools

Every artist or craftsman needs tools and the Photoshop user is no different. However, our tools are not pencils or paint, they are computer tools located in the Photoshop toolbox. In this lesson we look at what the tools do, where they are located and what options you have with them.

different image file formats

Lesson 4 – Saving in different file formats

Photoshop seems to give you endless ways to save files! In this lesson you’ll learn what ones suit the photographer and why you use different file formats for different situations such as saving for print or web.

Making selections in photoshop

Lesson 5 – Selections and cutting

An important part of learning photoshop is to get the basics right from the start. Selecting areas and cutting them out is one of these things. Here I’ll teach you the different tools to use, why these will suit different situations and stop you from making mistakes with selections in the future.

layers in photoshop explained

Lesson 6 – Layers

Layers allow you to work on one part of an image without affecting the others. It’s one of the fundamental parts of Photoshop. Here you’ll understand layers, learn how to create different types, and how to manipulate them in different ways to suit different projects.

creating a poster in Photoshop

Lesson 7 – Creating a poster

Before you can take great photos, you need to work your way around the equipment you’ve got to take them. The same principle applies with Photoshop. In this task you’ll put into practice what you’ve already learnt whilst learning much more about tools, text and layers. It’s a specific teaching technique that will give the beginner user much more confidence in using Photoshop going forwards in the course.

Example of using layer masks in photoshop

Lesson 8 – Layer Masks

Layer masks cause endless confusion for beginners as they learn photoshop but they’re such an important part to master. In this lesson we break down what layer masks are and what they’re used for, then you’re taught how to control the them properly via the set tasks.

using adobe camera raw

Lesson 9 – Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is used to process Raw image files. Here I’ll teach you the power if working with Raw files in photoshop and how ACR can enhance your photography tenfold. You’ll also learn the differences between Raw and Jpegs and why and when you would use them.

example of adjustment layers in photoshop

Lesson 10 – Using Adjustment Layers for landscape photography

Adjustment Layers are a great way to add effects to an image non-destructively. They give great control over the affects you want to achieve. In this lesson you’ll learn how to use a variety of adjustment layers to specifically enhance landscape photography.

Example of using adjustment layers for portrait photography

Lesson 11 – Using Adjustment Layers for portrait photography

Continuing on from lesson 10, here you’ll learn more about adjustment layers and how you can use them to specifically enhance portrait photography.

Using gradient maps in photoshop

Lesson 12 – Using Gradient Maps

Using Gradient Maps is a more advanced way to colour tone photography and once mastered it will transform your imagery. In this lesson we look in depth into how these work and how to create gradient maps. Then, via your set task, you’ll learn how to apply this to photography for fantastic effects.

Creating a watermark action

Lesson 13 – Creating an Action

An Action in Photoshop is a set of pre-recorded actions that you can apply to one or several images. They are used to speed up your workflow and create effects that you may want to add to your photography time and again.
In this lesson you’ll be taught how to create an Action that will turn any photo into a low resolution, watermarked image, ready for posting on social media or websites.

example of HDR photography in photoshop

Lesson 14 – HDR photography

HDR photography is a way of increasing the detail in tones and colours across an image. It’s used to reproduce a greater dynamic range of colour and luminosity than standard imaging and is particularly suited to landscape photography. Here you’ll be taught how to produce and edit HDR photography properly using Raw files.

example of selective color in photoshop

Lesson 15 – Selective Colour and Colour Popping

Colour Popping and Selective Colour are popular techniques which allow you to make a part or particular colour stand out from the rest of the image. Although fairly easy in principle, in this lesson you’ll learn how to take it one step further by using adjustment layers to control the colours with more precision.

Removing objects in photography

Lesson 16 – Removing objects

Removing things from a scene is a very common use of Photoshop but there is no one definitive way to do it. What you are removing and the image you’re using will dictate how it’s to be done.
In this lesson we will use 4 separate photographs and you’ll be taught 4 different ways to remove objects so you are armed with all the skills necessary to remove any object from any scene in the future.

retouching skin in photoshop example

Lesson 17 – Re-touching of skin

One of the top uses of Photoshop is to retouch skin. In this lesson you’ll be taught easy ways to remove spots, blemishes and hair lines whilst keeping a natural skin texture.

example of composite in photoshop

Lesson 18 – Advanced selections & masking, and creating a Composite

Creating a composite simply means to put several pictures together to create one final image. In this lesson we will create a composite and, in the process, learn about more advance ways of creating selections and using those selections with masks.

Double exposure example photoshop

Lesson 19 – Double Exposures

A double exposure is simply merging 2 images to create another one. This lesson gives a good opportunity for you to learn more advanced blending and masking techniques, and in the process create some really cool imagery!

Blending multiple exposures in photoshop example

Lesson 20 – Blending multiple exposures

Blending multiple exposures is when you mix together several pictures to create another image. This lesson is an extension of the double exposure one and will arm you with a wide set of advanced skills to enable you to blend any pictures together for varied design and artwork projects.

Using Photoshop with lightroom lesson

Lesson 21 – Using Photoshop and Lightroom together

Although not necessary, it’s common for professionals and enthusiasts to use Lightroom and Photoshop together. Here’s a lesson that will show you why you would you use both and teach you how to do it via a set task.

Recap of photoshop course

Lesson 22 – End and Recap

An end to the course and recapping on all the great stuff you’ve learnt!

Sample of images created in the course


Launch Discount – 20% off marked prices

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“The School of Photography improved my skills tenfold! Even if you are convinced you know all there is to know, Marc will be sure to teach you a few more things! After about 3 lessons I felt like I had no idea what I was doing before taking the course! I will most certainly be enrolling in other courses offered!” – Kady Evich – USA

“For me the hardest part in this online world is always the disappointment in choosing a service I may regret paying for afterwards. Well, it was a huge relief and an enormous thrill to find TSoP and the services they provide. The videos are very thorough, interesting, and make you feel like you learnt something from every sentence. This is the best possible way to acquire knowledge at home.” – Tunde Simms – Bulgaria

“Amazing online tutorials - teaching me at a level I understand without sounding patronising. Highly recommend Marc and I’ll definitely be doing more of his online courses in the future.” – Rhiann Lovett - UK


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What level do I need to be at?
This course is suited for the complete beginner or intermediate Photoshop user.

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What version of Photoshop do I need?
It’s recommended that you use Photoshop CC however the course will also be fine for people using Photoshop CS6 or later. There may be a few features shown in the course that won’t be available in CC but this won’t impact on its general use.

I’m confused on what Photoshop version to buy?
It can be confusing when buying Photoshop so here’s our advice. Adobe doesn’t sell Photoshop as a standalone program anymore. Instead they provide various types of plans which include it. The best one to buy is the ‘Photography Plan’ which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC for a monthly fee. For more details on this plan click here.

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