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Our Free Photography eBook is for beginner photographers starting their journey into photography. It’s designed to introduce you into the learning of photography and our services.

I’ve been teaching photography since 2002 and all this experience goes into creating great photography education to ensure you’ll take great photographs. We will teach you the art and science of photography so that you won’t just understand it for 5 minutes, you’ll retain the knowledge for ever!

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> The essentials of photography   > Camera Kits and Recommended Equipment   > Introduction to Camera Settings

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Introduction to Photography

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Photography

Here we question what photography actually is and examine at the science of this craft whilst referring to photography from the past and the camera obscura.

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Lesson 2 – Camera Kits and Recommended Equipment

A look at different types of camera kits, which ones are best to use for learning and what are the essential pieces of equipment you need.

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Lesson 3 – Introduction to camera settings

Here I teach you the different auto and manual modes found on your camera and why you will never use auto again! A task will be set allowing you to take your first steps to going fully manual.



“The School of Photography has the best, most effective explanation of photography I've found so far - Marc has the ability to take the same information I've been hearing/reading for years and explain it in detail that makes it completely understandable.” - Daryl Hafele, USA


"The School of Photography transcends the formal classroom constraints when it comes to learning. There is a welcoming warmth that draws you in and stays with you as you go from lesson to lesson. The School of Photography epitomizes excellence!" – Natasha Blackman, Trinidad and Tobago

"This is not only one of the best courses I've ever taken, it was by far the most enjoyable! Marc clearly knows his stuff. Equally important, he knows how to deliver the information in such a way that it not only sinks in, but stays in place." - Judi Ealey, USA

"I have left it several weeks after finishing the course to see if it had made any difference to me using my camera, I have to say a huge yes! Marc has given me lots of information and tips about using the manual settings on my camera, and I have not used the auto setting since." - Barry Harman, UK

"The school of photography is great and I’d highly recommend anyone looking to learn and understand photography to sign up for this course. The videos are laid out brilliantly and Marc really knows how to simplify and break everything down so its easily absorbed. I signed up for both the photography and the Lightroom course and I’m enjoying every bit of it." – Mark Jenny, Australia

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