Professional Lightroom presets to transform your photography from good to great. Get the classic vintage look, turn your photos into beautiful black and white images, or create something truly unique with our range of cinematic presets.

This Pack contains 46 presets:
22x Cinematic – 5x Colour Pop – 5x Black and White – 6x Vintage – 3x Vignettes – 5x Soft

22 x Cinematic Looks

Cinematic colour grading is a great way to transform your photos. Try our many popular looks to make your photos look like they’re on the big screen!


Created with our ‘Yellow/Green and Blue 2’ Cinematic Preset

5 x Colour Pop

Bring your photos to life with our range of colour pop presets.


Created with our ‘Colour Pop 1’ Preset.

5 x Black and White

Transform photos into stunning black and white images using our range of B&W presets.


Created with our ‘Black and White 1’ Preset.

6 x Vintage

Send your photos back in time with a range of classic vintage looks.


Created with our ‘Vintage 2’ Preset.

3 x Vignettes

Easily focus the viewers eye by using our vignettes to overlay your developed photos.


Created with our ‘Vignette heavy’ Preset.

5 x Soft

Use these presets to give a soft, dreamy feel to your photos.


Created with our ‘Soft Purple’ Preset.

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How do I download and install the Presets?
On purchase you will be taken to your student area where download and install instructions will be given.

What’s the cost in my own currency?
The courses are priced in British Pounds and US Dollars. On checkout it will show the cost in British Pounds and will be converted into your currency when purchased. To get an accurate cost in your own currency click here to use a Currency Converter.

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